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  • jealous

    My dearest and best friend got an amazing job really close to home with a great salary. I am happy for her but a really big part of me is so jealous on the inside. I don't act on it, so you can't tell on the outside but it feels awful. I feel like a bad friend for feeling that way and then feel ashamed about myself and wish it would change and that I felt differently. I've tried a few different releases but haven't found anything straight to the point yet in any of the books and manuals and a lot of the jealousy posts online are about relationships. I know that having resistance to it makes it worse but I'm finding it tricky to move. it feels heavy and stuck. I've also noticed this emotion of jealousy seems pop up more often these days. I'd love to have a tool to release it, so next time it appears I could move it and then move on. When I feel jealous of others, morally feel like such a really bad person. It's very uncomfortable and I could really use some support.

    Thank you in advance


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    Hi LadyBee!

    You can tell from how much there is online about this feeling, that it is just another feeling. It doesn't say anything about you that you have this feeling anymore than any other feeling.

    So the first place to start is to simply welcome the feeling of jealousy. Welcoming is the second most fundamental way to let go. So as best you can see if you can allow the feeling to do what it is doing as much as it is in the way that it is. It's always helpful if you can locate the actual feeling so that you can see how the releasing is going. Again, allow the feeling to be here, open up to inside as fully as you can. That way you are giving it much room as it needs to come up fully and release.

    You can also release on any disapproval you have for yourself for feeling this. You can do this before or after the above.

    And you can check to see if there is any wanting to change that you have this feeling. If yes, welcome that and then let that go.

    Then, check and see if there is any wanting to change that she got such a great deal and you didn't. If yes, welcome that too. And then see if you can let go of that as well, You might want to take your time with this. Sometimes these feelings can be subtle or hidden if there is disapproval for feeling this way.

    Lastly, check and see if there is any wanting to change your life, your luck, your circumstances etc. Welcome that and then let that go too.



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      Delilah, I can not thank you enough for your support. I feel better already. Thank you for such a quick and detailed response.

      With love and gratitude