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  • Installing new beliefs?

    I believe actions come from and are based in our beliefs. I love how releasing helps me deal with negative feelings, and the more I do it, the more effective it keeps getting. It's not all positive however. I've noticed some behavior changes that I don't consider beneficial. I mentioned in another post how I seem to lose my temper faster. I've also noticed my eating choices have been poorer lately, along with allowing myself to not exercise as much or as intensely as I used to. Also, as a business owner, there are things that DO need to be done if I intend to stay in business. Same goes for health and well-being, relationships, and goals. My definition of manifesting includes taking action, and I'm noticing a trend where I'm not as motivated to take action and do the things that need doing.

    For an example, I'll use eating. I have in the past, been in a state of mind, heart and soul where eating was not a problem. I've experienced being in a place where I honestly had no temptations, no unhealthy desires or urges, loved eating healthy foods, etc. and there was not a drop of will power involved in it. I LOVED eating healthy down to my core, and I think it's because of my belief at that time (whatever it was). I am no longer in this frame of mind, and I don't know if maybe I haven't been releasing long enough to evolve back to that place, but if perfect health is our natural state then shouldn't our beliefs reflect this? If my job is to get out of my own way and allow myself to be what I am, then where does choice or preference fit in?

    In the shower this morning, I came up with a new release and that is to allow my self-conscious to align with my desires, and getting my little robot/homing device working for me again like it did before. I'm not sure how I would accept just letting whatever happens happen. So how do we guide our progress without having some kind of influence on the outcome?

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention. I think this started when I first heard about shoulding ourselves to death. That resonated so much to me and I so excited to hear we should stop doing that, because that dialog used to run thru my mind constantly. My mind is much quieter now that I've been releasing, and those were the kinds of thoughts that were always playing. It didn't motivate me to have them obviously, but I'm not shoulding all the time, nor guilting myself for not making it happen.
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    I'm adding to this post even though they are not directly related, but they kinda are in another way. I finished the base course today, and while I tried to reserve judgement on TSM until I went thru the whole course as Hale suggested, now that I have finished it, I'm not sure how I feel about it. There have been some gains to be sure, but I think overall I'm pretty underwhelmed by the program. I think I was expecting much more from it, because I was hearing what I wanted to hear, but I didn't experience much of it at all. In fact, I think that in spite of making progress in some areas, I've actually lost ground in others. I don't want to poo-poo anyone else's experience with TSM and their journey, because many people have obviously made great progress with TSM. I think what I'll probably end up doing is continue using the techniques that have proven useful, and be thankful for those. I'm on the fence as to if I should put more time into going deeper into TSM (like finding a releasing partner or paying a coach to help me develop more skill), but I'm not confident my basic belief system is compatible with TSM.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share in case it might help someone else, and I may end up using this thread to keep a record of my journey like I saw someone else do. Until next time...