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  • Pure awareness

    Guys lately I have been playing with myself (pure awareness), which is who we really all are aka God, the one spirit that permeates everything and everybody and that we all exist within
    the one body of.
    Anyway to go practical next time you feel an emotion or feeling use that feeling in order to realise who you are so use every down as an opportunity to go up.
    This is a variation of the 5th way. focus on the emotion and while you do ask yourself who is aware? over and over again or ask Am I aware? y you will start to see after a minute or so your consciousness awareness expanding and see how it has no boundaries or limitations, its an incredible feeling if you haven't discovered it.

    When you get there you can take it to the next level by affirming, I am aware of being aware, or I am awareness aware of being awareness or even I am I, or I am the I am.. Ive been doin this for a couple weeks and have made amazing change
    I practically live in pure awareness I feel oneness with everything and everybody, you can call this the direct path. It seems to work better than who am I because the I is awareness anyway, so the question or affirmation causes the mind to sink back to its source, your beingness.

    Here is a video talking about it that I found, this guy is awesome to listen to by the way, he knows his stuff..

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    yes, Rupert Spira's contribution is beyond measure


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      Hi yoyoyo!

      I'm with zannierose on Rupert Spira. He is one of my favorite non-dual teachers. Thanks of posting this. There may be some folks who will see this and look into his writing or his presentations.

      [email protected]


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        Awesome! Thank you for writing this. I will do this