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Feeling of sadness and wanting to change everything

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  • Feeling of sadness and wanting to change everything

    Hi I have an overwhelming feeling of unhappiness and a desire to change every area of my life. I’ve been doing basic releasing on the feelings that come up and the wanting to change everything (wanting to control). I’ve also done some holistic releasing on resisting everything the way it is vs accepting everything the way it is, which has given me some relief. I still feel really overcome by sadness and sometimes apathy. I just want to feel good and move into acceptance and peace. Any releasing ideas?

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    Hi LadyBee!

    Sounds like you've been doing some great releasing! Good job!

    Welcoming the sadness and the apathy will support a release from it. Welcoming is the second most fundamental way to let go. And it's a very powerful way to let go.

    So as best you can see if you can notice the sadness, where it is in the body, and allow it to be there. See if you can open to it fully so that it has enough room to come up fully and release. It might feel uncomfortable at first but eventually you'll find that the sad energy starts moving up and out and that will feel not only more comfortable but it will feel good!