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  • getting in touch with the emotional chart


    When I read for the AGFLAP chart, and I want to work on apathy and I pick being bored, how do I get in touch with that emotion? Do I just think about beign bored? can someone explain?

    Thank you

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    Hi jambo!

    Great question!

    Feeling bored is like all the other feelings. We call them feelings because we feel them in the body. Feeling bored can be more subtle than some of the other feelings so it might take some practice finding where the boredom is felt in the body. It can be helpful to find other more obvious feelings in the body to get used to finding the feeling in the body. So see if you can find happiness or anger or grief in the body to start with and then move on to looking for the boredom and where it's located. ...Then welcome it as best you can. Welcoming a feeling can help us to open to a feeling more fully and that often will make the feeling feel more intense before it releases.

    Please keep us posted on how this unfolds for you,


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      Couldn't he simply ask himself "Could I allow myself to feel as bored as do?" a few times?


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        Yes absolutely Neverland!