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Tears when releasing on lust

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  • DelilahCertifiedSMCoach
    Hi Henrico!

    Tears of all kinds and all sorts of laughter and other things can happen when we release. Good job releasing! Keep going!


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  • Henrico
    started a topic Tears when releasing on lust

    Tears when releasing on lust

    I met a young girl (camilla) on campus where I study. She's only 24 and I'm 39. I really love her looks, but also her way of being. I was releasing on lust while looking at her pic on Facebook. Different holdbacks came up: she too young (my mum and dad wouldn't approve), Shell never want an old guy like me (wanting her approval), shell want to party/we are different places in our lives (wanting control and security).
    after releasing for a while and Hale said could you welcome having, I felt how it would be like to be with her and I started to cry. However this was not tears of sadness, this was tears of another quality.
    Have any of you guys had the same experience?