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My Wife DESPERATELY needs a One-On-One session!! - PLEASE HELP - I BEG OF YOU!

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  • My Wife DESPERATELY needs a One-On-One session!! - PLEASE HELP - I BEG OF YOU!

    me and my wife are having a very big problem....

    basically what happened is about 5 months ago I said "I love you" to my wife, but I stuttered when I said it...ever since then things have gotten progressively worse, to a point where she feels I don't love her anymore, when it couldn't be further from the truth, I love her tremendously..but now she is heartbroken, and I don't feel the same emotions as she does, I'm behaving basically as if nothing has happened, or that I don't care that I broke her heart, when in reality I do care, but I got the idea in my head after I stuttered to say I love you, that maybe she thinks I'm a pathological liar or something, and that I'm just pretending to love her, even if I actually do love her.

    I honestly believe that the issue I'm facing right now is not the fact that I don't love her, because I know I do..but that these psychological problems I'm dealing with are getting in the way because now everytime I say I love you to her I don't sound genuine at all, it sounds like I don't believe what I'm saying when I say I Love you..

    This situation requires DESPERATE help...I'm worried about what my wife will do if she becomes even more depressed, and now she is being triggered by me even if I get slightly annoyed (I'm getting annoyed sometimes for the simple fact that I don't think that she believes that I do love her) and so this is making me upset that after all that I have said to her to try and explain what is going on, she still doesn't seem to believe me..

    I know that all I need is just to reach a tipping point in my thinking to be able to fully come out and tell her how much I love her, but I have so much self doubt inside of me by this time that I am afraid to come out and say it to her just incase it doesn't come out right or I don't sound sincere...

    I wish I knew exactly what was holding me back so that I could release it and tell her how I truly feel..

    My wife DESPERATELY needs to talk to someone, and I am BEGGING for ANYONE that is a coach if they could please call my wife and go through a one-on-one session with her, I have broken her heart and she is in deep dispair right now, and there's nothing I feel I am capable of doing to fix the pain I have caused her....

    Thank you to whoever is willing to help her see that I do love her, and that she is infact deserves all the love I can give her!
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    Hi ChevyFan!

    I am noticing your use of the word "DESPERATELY" when describing how you feel about your situation. This forum is not geared towards addressing emergencies. Furthermore, here at The Sedona Method we do not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any psychological or medical challenges or issues. If you are worried about your wife's depression we recommend strongly that you consult the appropriate professional to get help with this. If you feel that your situation is an emergency, we strongly recommend that you and your wife go to the Emergency Room in a hospital nearest to you so that you can get the proper help. I deleted your phone number from your post because posting your number or your email address or your actual address in a public forum like this is never a good idea. FYI, consulting a professional doesn't preclude releasing. You can still release even if you consult a professional.

    Before I go into how releasing can help with this I'd like to point out that loving someone is really more about action than words. The way we behave day in and day out with and towards our beloved is more indicative of our love than stuttering once when we tell someone that we love them.

    With regards to releasing, to start with, can you take some time to see what comes up when you think about telling your wife that you love her? Imagine yourself telling her that you love her and notice any of the feelings, thoughts, images, sensations or memories etc. that come up and welcome them. Allow them to come up fully. This will help you to begin to access what might be underneath your difficulty in telling her that you love her.

    Also, see if you can let go of wanting to control how she feels. First, we let go of this because, in fact, we actually can't control how another person feels and second, the internal pressure from wanting to control another person's feelings creates stress and isn't helpful for us or the other person. When we let go of wanting to control how the other person feels we become more centered within ourselves and more connected to our authentic feelings. This allows us to speak more effectively from our heart.


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