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Hootless about survival?

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  • Hootless about survival?

    I've read that some people when they get enlightened they no longer see the value in physical survival, because they kind of reached the end goal I suppose.
    So I wonder, do the Sedona Method (organisation) value physical survival?

    In the world today we use money as a medium of exchange, and to make any kind of money you have to provide some kind of value to other people.
    Some people, because of abuse, trauma or illness or some other reason, are unable to contribute value to other people, so they also don't make money. I would imagine most homeless people are in this category.

    I live in Norway where we have cold winters, and I read about a homeless person who froze to death. I don't know if he had goals about a better life, but if he had he didn't reach his goals in time and that cost him his life. And probably a lot of strife for some time before that too.

    I get that, for most goals in life, being hootless is a good strategy. If you get the goal it's ok, and if you don't get it it's also ok.
    But what if your life depends on reaching your goal? Should you still be hootless about that goal?

    Are there times where letting go is not the appropriate way to deal with a goal?
    Are there times where you should actually hold on for dear life, put in a ton of effort and be as emotionally attatched to reaching the goal as possible? I mean, if your life depends on it?

    And if so, can we say that, letting go and being hootless about goals is great, but only provided that you are already able to get basic things done?
    I've never seen this discussed or mentioned, is it just taken for granted because most people that find this method and get involved with it are already able to survive, so no one really thinks about it?

    Is it the unspoken foundation of all this work and the method itself, that first and foremost you have to be able to get things done, take care of yourself and survive. And only when that criteria is met are you free to have fun with this method, and the luxury of being hootless about your goals?

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    are you trying to figure it out??


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      Originally posted by zannierose View Post
      are you trying to figure it out??
      I did figure it out, and it has done wonders for me.


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        Hi Brunokatt!

        Zannierose is asking if you are wanting to figure it out because letting go of wanting to figure things out opens us to receiving information and guidance more fully. We always ask ourselves and others who are releasing if we can let go of wanting to figure things out.

        Your question is actually frequently asked because people mistake hootlessness with lack of motivation. When we are releasing, we let go of wanting to figure things out about the lives of others so that we can focus on what is actually happening in OUR lives and release into peace and joy and success in ours. That doesn't mean that we don't think about others and why their experiences are what they are. That is a very useful and productive line of thinking if our goal is to help the homeless. And yes, releasing can help the homeless too.

        One of the reasons we, emphasis on WE, are not able to accomplish our goals is because we can not tolerate disappointment. IOWS we may take an action step and it may not result in what we want, disappointment sets in, and we give up on taking the next or an other action step. Yes, this may be the result of trauma, and releasing can help with that too. Example: If we are sick, is it helpful to be anxious and miserable while being sick, or is it better to be calm and at peace so that we can see where to go for help and feel able to ask for that help. No one doesn't anything alone. Even the most wealthy and successful person needs others to move forward in their lives. Being hootless, not taking things personally, being able to see where to move forward and how to move forward, and then being able to take action steps and to keep taking action steps towards our goals, while tolerating disappointment if things don't unfold the way we want them to, is an essential collection of feelings and behaviors that will move us forward in our lives.

        Being tense and tight inside, being worried and anxious doesn't make us more effective or more productive. In fact the opposite is true. It makes us unable to see the "lay of the land" with clarity and it makes us unable to muster our energies and capacities more effectively. Being hootless isn't a luxury. It's the foundation for us to be able to get up out of bed every day and to take action steps towards our goals.

        Lastly, there is no end goal in The Sedona Method. TSM is a collection of processes that free us up to experience ourselves and life in peace and joy and love. There is no end to peace and joy and love.



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          Thank you for your reply.

          Yes, I have worked with the sedona method since 2012, so I am very familiar with the processes.
          And still, after a decade, I have the same main problems as when I started, so I speak from experience when I say that letting go does not actually solve anything.

          And then I realised that this method is not about getting things done or solving actual problems, it's a method to just feel better if you already have no problems.
          It's also good for letting go of imaginary problems, but it works very poorly for solving actual problems.

          The thing is, being ok if you don't reach your goal is not an appropriate approach if your life depends on you reaching that goal (IF you value physical survival that is, which is why I asked about that in the orignal post). I understand this can be difficult to understand if you have never been in that situation.
          Now I understand that, in life, getting the things done is an absolute must, at whatever the cost. How one feels about it is irrelevant.

          So, it's just two different things, and it was just I who misunderstood (for a very long time ). That's all.


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            Hi Brunokatt!

            Hundreds of thousands of folks who practice this method have found that releasing and being calm, clearheaded and in flow helps to accomplish all goals. However here at The Sedona Method we respect others' opinions. We wish you the utmost success in whatever your goals are and however you choose to succeed in them.



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              I understand we are talking past each other, so I will just leave it here. But thank you for your replies.