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    Hello everybody!
    I have been reading Happiness is Free and listening Lester's talks and I from all that I understand that we need to get rid of thoughts, most of which are subconscious. Lester says " put them on the table, see them, then let go of them".
    But I still do not know, how to "put them on a table"?
    Can anybody give suggestions? Sorry for being so stupid. Understand , but do not not know how

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    Hi illla!

    You are not stupid at all. Most people who come to TSM and even others who hear how helpful it is to "let go" have no idea how to actually let go. The book Happiness is Free is not the book to help you with that. That book is filled with beautiful and wise and insightful aphorisms but it doesn't take you through the step by step process for understanding "how to" let go. The book that will help you with this is The Sedona Method book. Or the recordings for beginners is the 4 in 1 Supercourse.

    I will post some basic directions here that I have shared with people that might help you, see below, but they tend to make more sense to folks who have read the above book or worked with the above recordings.

    How To Release:

    Answer the questions honestly, not how you want to, or how you think you should.

    “No” is as good as a “Yes” for an answer. We can still have a great release even if the answer is no.

    Pay attention to the sensations in the body from the chin down, notice what is happening in the throat, chest and stomach. At the beginning these are the places we will get the best feedback on how the releasing is going.

    Relaxing, softening, flowing and opening “inside” are just some of the signs that a release is happening.

    Sometimes tension builds and we contract more but that can mean one of two things. It can mean that a release is happening and the energy that is trying to move through the bodymind is more than the bodymind is used to. Or it can mean that we are holding on more than releasing. The antidote to either of these possibilities is to welcome the tension or contraction and that will support a release.

    Remember to breathe. Sometimes we hold our breath while looking for a release. Breathe naturally and remember to allow the breath to flow.

    Releasing is a natural everyday event but when attempted consciously it may require some practice. Try not to get discouraged as you explore how to release. As best you can, bring a childlike curiosity to your process. The more you play around with exploring releasing the more quickly you will develop a facility with it.



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      Thank you, dear Delilah!
      yes, I have the Hale's book and I have audio 4 in one Supercours. I just have not finished them.
      Strange thing - even I believe in TSM, respect , trust and easy love Lester, Hale, and all you coaches, I can not "make myself" regularly do release sessions. I use it in simple life situations and, of course, it helps always. I taught my son and friends to release with 4 questions or other of 4 ways. My son sometimes calls me and asks for a "lealise session" on phone.
      but I still do not do intentional sessions regularly. Always something tells me: " better go to a beach" or "go into the garden, you plants need you". Like self sabotazh.
      Thank you, Dalilah for guardians. I think, I might do some letting go of my sabotazh, return to Supercourse and follow your recommendations.
      Thank you!


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        Hale has a new audio on youtube (Sept 18th 2022) that seems to be relevant to this. i.e everything is already wholeness.


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          Thank you, zannierose! Will try to find it.