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  • Growth Can Be Fun

    As you allow yourself to starting letting go and being more relaxed with who or what you are you will discover that personal growth can be fun. In fact it can be simple and easy too!

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    One of the things I love about you Hale is your ability to let go of the tendency to make everything so serious. One way that you have helped me to let go of trying to make everything serious is with the holistic release...Can you welcome how important this feels? And can you welcome how insignificant this really is? At first the mind is a bit offended by this release. But as I keep playing with it the mind is relieved to see through the concept of seriousness. And then there is a sense of play and fun that is esperienced. Play and fun can be very deep and profound and is much more enjoyable than pushing and pulling through life.


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      I thank you so much Hale. I can't begin to thank you as much as I feel the desire/need/want to thank you. It's amazing how much I've changed, become less busy inside my head in such a short time. Of all the changes, there is One that I don't seem to be able to conquer & it is accepting living with a disrespectful stepson for 21 more months. My husband and I do not share "raising children views", and thank God this is the last one at home. I'm excited about changing, just not letting go of this problem as quickly as others, which included panic attacks. I'm looking forward to leaving this behind, letting go.


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        Dear M.Yates7

        On Saturday I went to a family reunion with my husband’s family. there are a couple of folks who come every year that I really could live without. Before I went I released on wanting to change them, my resistance to them, and wanting to be controlled by them. I have found that being affected by how other people behave is a way of wanting to be controlled by them. “If they would just change that I would feel better.” I also released on wanting to control my experience at the reunion.

        Three things happened.

        1) I was completely unperturbed by their behavior.

        2) I found myself laughing fondly at their “stuff”. I could see through their behavior and see their desperate desire for love and attention. I found myself feeling love for them.

        3) One other family member who never speaks up about anything told one of them to “cut it out” and at first he objected but then he was well behaved and very pleasant to be around the rest of the day.

        Keep letting and go and let us know how things unfold.


        PS The coaches on this site are available for a free complimentary session to support your process.


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          Dear M. Yates7

          You are writing: One that I don't seem to be able to conquer is accepting living with a disrespectful stepson.
          Do you have to be able to conquer in order to be what you already are. Just check in this moment. You might experience sensations, feelings or thoughts about this situation and whatever you are experiencing might be very intense or not.
          Now in this moment, could you just notice that? Could you just allow it to be here? Could you allow it to do whatever it is doing without you trying to control, fix, change, improve or get rid of it? And if there is a sense of wanting to control or change the outcome could you just welcome that as well?
          Just explore this for yourself and see how it unfolds. I also want you to know that this is not something you have to do or should do but just an invitation to explore this in a fun and relax way.
          Just let us know how it goes.
          For your freedom & well-being
          Jerome Goldschmidt

          Right here, right now is all there is.