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releasing on hate/love on myself

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  • releasing on hate/love on myself

    hi, I found this process in cd 13 of the foundation course, and this gives me thorough-bodily feelings, and providing me many different angles I haven't seen
    the process was supposed for doing with other people but Hale also recommended doing this with yourself.

    gain 1: I tried this on myself and finding the wanting is w0. this is quite ... strange and I felt adventurous! I have never thought about that before!
    and the body had a couple'f sneeze for that one.

    gain 2: I found myself unconsciously
    estranging myself from myself..
    it even feels like two my selves....
    brings up a lot.and much can be worked based on that level.

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    Hi cyi!

    If I understand you correctly you've had some gains using this process and that's wonderful!



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      hi Delilah , thanks for your reply!
      Yes, and ive edited my answer , it's more of in shape than yesterday when I first having that "raw experiences" lolol Home of the Sedona Method