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    I'd like to keep a list of my gains and other things I'm dealing with here.

    I just recently re-started The Sedona Method. I started it last year, but took a break for a while, and now have come back to it.

    I have both the SuperCourse and the Effortless Creation course. Both have been amazing!

    My biggest gain so far is to do with my anxiety. I have had anxiety as long as I can remember. It's always at least in the background, but sometimes gets quite overwhelming.

    Well this week, as I was releasing, I started to notice that constant knot just dissolving. Pretty soon I just felt.... relaxed. There was a bit of anxiety on the surface, like it was trying to take root but was unable to. That was one of the best feelings ever, just having some freedom from that anxiety.

    It's not constant, but it's definitely poked some holes in that anxiety, and now it's easier to see through it.

    Other than this, I am working on a financial goal of growing my business.

    But I notice some reluctance to do the goals process. I put it off. I wonder whether it's resistance about the goal itself, or fear that I won't be able to release everything. I am working on releasing that resistance, but I'm just noticing it right now.

    The freedom that this method brings is just amazing. I can just sit and welcome whatever feelings are here. I can just allow them to be, and they dissolve. And it doesn't really matter what they do: I can accept it either way.

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    thanks for sharing your gains with us.
    zannie rose


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      That's fantastic devbanana!!!