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  • Hi guys!

    Does anyone know about MBTI?
    I'm into the theory.
    so.. it uses terms to describe functions people use.
    It categorizes and call people by the most functions people use to live their life.
    I'm called INFJ in the theory who uses ni the most and fe the second and
    I use other functions much less than those two.
    Ni is using your vision, your thinking, your head.
    When you use it, you think about patterns, theory and future and imagination and you analyze things.
    That's the way I use mostly as I live my life.
    Fe is feeling other people's feeling.
    So I live analyzing things and people and thinking about life and phenomena and caring about other peoples feeling.

    It's my gain now I'm starting to describe..
    I found I don't care when I'm angry while I care if other people are angry.
    Feeling your feeling is Fi and fi is what I haven't used much.
    When I used my fi, I feel so happy after feeling what I felt first (anger).
    Now I know I am afraid of my anger and have suppressed it.
    There is so much anger suppressed in me. or fear...
    Using fi, I let go a lot.
    I never knew.
    I'm gonna use it more and more often and will develop it.

    There is also the term called Se.
    Se is using your sense ; smelling seeing touching hearing.
    Using se, there was nothing serious which is so much I had when I'm using ni.
    Ni makes you think about life and problems world have and makes you complicated.
    Se let you know what is here.
    OMG there is nothing problematic here....
    Life was so delightful and light!!!
    Nothing was problems...

    MBTI was always a theory to me but
    I could feel each function it suggests to you by my sense.
    omg I think I could be everything.
    Using functions of human as you want, you are so so free and powerful.

    p.s guys it's my personal description of mbti as I felt. I'm not an expert of psychology or mbti at all.
    I just described how I felt this.
    There could be inappropriate explanation of it's functions!

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    Hi Suyong!

    Whatever system fascinates can be released on. If you release on any system you will get the most out of that system.

    TSM is not designed to help folks to take on more labels. It is designed to help us to g beyond labels. If you release on any labels the labels can used to take you far beyond what you imagine you know about yourself.



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      Thank you because I feel more fun after letting go whatever it is.
      p.s words I wrote above was just for expressing my excitement about my gains in my favorite theory,
      not to teach people here.
      Sorry if anybody get more confused after my writing gains..