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Another gain.

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  • Another gain.

    Life is so good even when you are weak.
    I was afriad if I'm hurt when I accept my weakness and fear and all the negative thoughts and feeling.
    Despite fear, I accept my 'weak' feelings,
    I could see life is so beautiful every moment even when you are fragile.
    I faked myself to be strong always and not to feel hurt feeling but
    hurt feeling and sadness and fear are also so good!
    I know I'm dark and it could look gross to people who have higher energy than mine but
    you just don't know God is so perfect and beautiful in his darkest and lowest places.
    Being bad is not bad. I'm not saying I will stay here forever. I'm saying it's also beautiful being down and
    being in tough situations.

    I was like "it's just all dreams. it isn't personal or important. I know what's goona happen.".
    I lived thinking big things are only important and only waiting for those to happen.
    I lived wishing small events to pass fast, waiting my dreams come true fast.
    I was only thinking about big pictures.
    However, I know you don't have to live if you live that way.
    Small things are also good.
    Look close to every part of your life, you won't be hurt.
    God drew it so perfect in every micro parts of it.

    Life is too good to fake yourself!
    If you are afraid of feeling weak, just try feeling it.
    Be courageous to feel weak. Courage is worthy.
    It gives you big compensation; being strong.
    You are so good even when you are fragile.