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I'm strong.

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  • I'm strong.

    I understand why I chose this body. I know traits this body has.
    I'm using it so well.
    I was very very sensitive and my feeling was very enormous all the time when I was little.
    I had many mental illness and that was for having compassion for the poor and the unhappy and the unfortune and me, who want to experience having everything after not having those so I can feel that excitement and awesome feeling.
    I'm a soul who loves analyzing and very passionate and very positive.
    I'm so positive that I want to experience all the negative feelings and thoughts in real life so I can win every unhappy thoughts and prove it's wrong.
    I chose to be this girl because she has a brain which enable things my soul eagered to experience by skin: analazy and feel see know every micro part of truth.

    I go to university recently and I feel I became different.
    I feel I'm so strong because I don't deny myself or do something that is not me from fear.
    I do what I'm and don't do what I'm not for worries.
    I'm not smart or so skilled in studying like some students or
    skillful in living social life but I don't care other students when I'm behaving quiet strange.
    (It could make other students puzzled or pay attention to me or feel ashamed of me)

    I'm learning what I am really enjoying to study and learn. (French , English)
    I'm confident.
    I don't work or do a part time job but I'm not really worried about money problems.
    I just buy what I want to buy the way I can and it's always okay.
    It doesn't make me bankrupt.

    Nothing and no one can make me unhappy or sad.
    It can be bacause emotion is what we make not someone gives but rather because I love unhappiness too.

    I'm not worried of emotional pain in the future anymore or any situation.
    If I'm worried, fear is also okay too.
    Why I live like this (very dark) is all part of plan.
    I just wanted to feel all the unhappiness people can have so I can write books for them because I can win all of those.
    I thank god about many little things often a day.

    and I think it's so good to be me. I'm happy to be me and I love me.
    I'm enjoying my life so much now that I don't need a boyfriend.
    I just like my daily life as an undergraduate which is sad happy changing growing lonely and has various traits.

    I'll post next time about more.

    I thank Hale so much because he saved me from a deep dark helpless hole and
    so much for my coaches and their paitience and courage, specially Delilah.
    Her paitience and courage and passion did so many thing for me.
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    great gains- thanks for sharing