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  • Some gains

    So I did not write much about any gains so far.

    For sure I had some. Quite some astounding gains:

    I have a much greater sense of freedom about one of the last compulsive behaviors I still found myself engaging with. I still felt the challenge to face what is without distracting myself from it in anyway, but I have come a long way. It appears to me that all or almost all of the compulsiveness is gone.

    A recent experience in the last few days was that I am not even sure I want a goal that I saw as one of my life goals for more a decade already. On one hand that really surprises me and I thought "What is even going on here?" - Ha, can I let go of wanting security? Yes. And can I let go of wanting control? Yes. – on the other hand I feel a greater freedom as I apparently stopped clutching my arms around that goal like my life depends on it. I intend to release more about and also to complete the second round of Paraliminal Accelerator about it. If just to gain more freedom...

    Also regarding using Paraliminals I found much less resistance to the positive messages contained in them.

    Also I found a releasing partner.

    In a work situation where I often ducked away and then resisted that I did, I found myself openly expressing healthy boundaries. Also in some other situation I found myself acting with more courage.

    It is good to write this. It brings to awareness that I made some progress.

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    great gains..thanks for sharing them with us


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      Thanks for sharing
      Paraliminals are indeed an amazing tool


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        That's wonderful ananda99! Thanks for sharing these great gains!



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          Thank you, Zannie, Daremo, Delilah. I aim at remembering doing this from time to time.

          I found another gain while walking through the woods: My capacity to move through most difficult emotions without distracting myself has greatly increased.


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            the better it gets the better it gets


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              Good job ananda99!!