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Discriminating Feelings

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  • Discriminating Feelings

    I listened to Coach Susans support call the other day and I found one thing she said very helpful. I wrote it down, printed it out and hung it everywhere in my apartment, so I can always discriminate my feelings and wants. I find whenever I get into "spinning" or figuring out, it's that I am not discriminating well enough and believe I am that feeling/want/ mind chatter or that it's running me, not vice versa.

    "Check what’s actually true now/ What you are experiencing now:
    1. Are you wanting to control, approval or security? - or:
    2. Are you simply aware of a wanting (to) control, approval, or security feeling now?

    You are separate from these wants and feelings. They are not you and you can let them go."

    I hardly stay on "automatic" for more than a few minutes now since I am reminded in every room that I can discriminate and that the "I" of me is separate from these desires and feelings. I am actually holding on to them, they are not holding on to me.

    Same with resistance: Are you resisting or are you simply aware of a resisting feeling now?

    It makes it so much more effortless to release IMO. Just wanted to share this!

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    Thanks so much for sharing this PeterSch!