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Wanting to control The Sedona Method

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  • Wanting to control The Sedona Method

    Hi guys!

    today I met a wanting to control Sedona Method. It was specific opening and it shows to me than I want to use SM to get that I want. Another worlds I want to use Spiritual processes to get benefits. Not for opening truth or be more happy and so on. But for control reality and other people.
    And it was one of ther answers for me why for about 20 years my other spiritual practices I didn't become for joyful or stonger or kinder. All this time it was wanting got what I want without making any effort.
    For example I didn't want to do job or lerarn something new. It was about wanting to control people and reality that they setisfy me desires.
    And it led me to a very bad state of life, mind, feelings.
    I didn't let go this desire fully yet. But the time I were letting go this wanting to control the concilitain was so huge and overall what I can't to describe!

    I recommend all of you check presence of wanting to control The Sedona Method!

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    Great share Vitaly!