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sedona course vs effortless creation

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  • sedona course vs effortless creation

    Hey everyone

    I've just finished the boyond letting go course (I loved it!) and feel drawn towards doing either the 4 in 1 sedona method course or effortless creation next but I can't quite work out which is best for me. And yes I am wanting to figure it out!!

    If anyone could give me some advice on which may be the better step to take next I'd really appreciate it... My main goal with releasing is to recover from a long term illness which is what's drwing me to the 4 in 1 course but since optimum health is a goal I was also thinking effortless creation would be beneficial. I've worked my way through the book and beyond letting so I'd really like the course which will add to what I've alread learned the most. I'm also wondering whether there's less point in doing the 4 in 1 course since I imagine it will cover alot of stuff I've already done.

    I would love to hear any suggestions to help me choose which one would be more suitable. Plus i'm going to do some more releasing on wanting to figure it out!

    love, Jen

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    Content Basic Audio Course

    Hi Jen,

    the basic audio course gives you a thorough basis about the Sedona method. Ofcourse this material is also in the book, but in my opinion it's very helpful to have the releases on the CD's as well. I've listened to these CD's for months and months, getting a lot out of it.

    Here is the content of the releases in the basic audio course:

    CD 1 - Track 6 The basic releasing questions

    CD 2 - Track 8 Release for dissolving questions

    CD 3 - Track 4 -12 Apathy - Grief - Fear - Lust - Anger - Prode - Courageousness - Acceptance - Peace

    CD 4 - Track 2 Dissolving resistance release
    Track 5 More resistance dissolving release
    Track 9 Letting go of wanting to change it

    CD 5 - Track 4 Wanting to control release
    Track 8 Wanting approval release

    CD 6 - Track 2 Wanting security release
    Track 5 Wanting separation release
    Track 7 6 steps
    Track 9 Letting go of wanting release

    CD 7 - Track 6 The Goal process

    CD 8 - Track 4 The secret to letting go of fear and anxiety
    Track 7 Releasing the “I can’t” in lust
    Track 10 From scarcity to enough

    CD 9 - Track 4 Holistic release on effortless wealth and success

    CD 10 - Track 3 Power decision-making with advantages and disadvantages
    Track 8 Letting go of wanting to be right

    CD 11 - Track 3 Dissolving beliefs
    Track 11 Wealth and success goal action steps
    Track 14 Visualize your wealth and success

    CD 12 - Track 3 Your relationship goal
    Track 7 The cleanup procedure – control
    Track 8 Approval
    Track 9 Security/survival
    Track 10 Separation

    CD 13 - Track 2 Likes/dislikes release for dissolving the polarities of attachment and aversion
    Track 3 Loving your partner as your partner is

    CD 14 - Track 2 Letting go of wanting to control another’s experience
    Track 5 Letting go of wanting to blame your partner for what you experience

    CD 15 - Track 2 Walking in the other person’s shoes
    Track 5 Dissolving beliefs
    Track 8 I am enough
    Track 10 Holistic release on effortless relationships
    Track 11 Relationship action steps
    Track 11 Visualize your ideal relationship

    CD 16 - Track 5 Your health and well-being goal
    Track 8-10 Cleaning up the past
    Track 13 Beyond the tyranny of guilt and shame

    CD 17 Track 2 & 4 Two releases for breaking free of addictions

    CD 18 - Track 2 Accepting that change is possible
    Track 4 Accepting your body as it is
    Track 7 Dissolving the feelings that cause dis-ease
    Track 9 Dissolving beliefs
    Track 11 Releasing the sensations – dissolving pain

    CD 19 - Track 2 Holistic release on effortless health and well-being
    Track 4 Health and well-being action steps
    Track 6 Visualize your ideal health and well-being

    CD 20 - Track 2 Release to create the feeling of having all the time in the world
    Track 6 Release for supporting our world

    On the other hand the Effortless Creation course is great with working on goals.

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      Thanks Clarie that's really helpful x


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        Effortless creation is really great, but I would recommend it after going through everything in the book and/or recordings- just from my own experience.
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