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  • Annrika James
    This Webinar course offered me the opportunity and support to really move forward in achieving what I want. In the past the limiting beliefs would stop me cold and this really helped me to keep a perspective and stay on task. The partnership was an aid too, one that endures even now. To give oneself the space to set an intention and and have all the support to go for it creates quite a powerful momentum and is truly a gift to one's freedom.

    As I write this I have completed one major step toward attaining my heart's desire... the job I released for on the Webinar came through and I feel good about working for/with this woman. I was also able to make the phone call I needed regarding the legality I spoke of and released with you about. I am with a very grateful heart.
    Thank you Annie and Tim

    Irene, Tucson AZ

    I've had some great gains using the Sedona Method so far. In particular, during this Webinar, I have started back at Power Yoga, being part of my Health and Well Being goal and an action that I held a lot of resistance around!
    Thank you both so much.

    Frith, Sydney Australia

    During this Webinar series, the dream of having that which I'd like became a clearer reality, effortlessly. In the very first session, the aliveness that I am was experienced more directly when a goal of 'allowing the body to take care of itself' allowed me to take my "hands off meddling" with all the so-called necessary requirements the body seems to demand. I feel much more loving towards the body and appreciate its natural ability to function as it is designed to do. Two more of my goals are already in progress and the actions surrounding them have been effortless and enjoyable.

    Looking beyond the goals, I find an open spaciousness which is complete and whole, without a sense of lacking or failing.
    Thank you Annrika and Tim for holding such a clear space in which all of us can explore what is actually the truth of What we are.

    JB, Phoenix AZ

    The gains keep popping up....I've been having calls inquiring about my work from thin air! I'm daring to do a lot of stuff I felt like "I couldn't, shouldn't, wouldn't" do before. I breathe freely and I sleep better. My goal about my business has been changing, evolving, and in doing so, I've been remembering what I really like, not what others wanted me to like, what my dreams where, and what direction I would love to take. So my goal may keep changing but it's all good, because now it feels lighter, clearer and possible.

    What would be my greatest gain so far from this incredible three weeks that keep expanding? Well, learning to live without fear...I found myself believing again, in my love for my job, in me, in life in general. It may not sound like much but believe me, it is incredible. Thank you Annie and Tim

    Xiomara A, Mexico
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  • Annrika James
    started a topic Gains from Goals Webinar

    Gains from Goals Webinar

    Effortless Accomplishment in 2012 - A 5th Way Live Worldwide Webinar

    The consciousness of abundance is vital to your state of joy and aliveness.

    We invite you to join us for the Effortless Accomplishment in 2012 5th Way Live Worldwide Webinar, beginning January 12th
    and continuing for three weeks. It's an opportunity for you to make the shift in consciousness that's required for your goals to
    become your living reality.

    Instead of working on your goals (endlessly, and by yourself), we will help you to see through your beliefs and concepts of
    scarcity to the abundance that you are and that is already here now. There's no more powerful way to do that than joining
    forces with the power of focused live group intention.

    Let's all make 2012 a year to remember, personally and collectively.

    Annrika and Tim

    For full details and to register go to Effortless Accomplishment in 2012 Webinar
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