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Living Happiness Course, Need Some Help

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  • Living Happiness Course, Need Some Help

    Hey all

    I thought id start this thread because i noticed there isnt any articles or threads about this course called "Living Happiness" it is a great course and im enjoying all the excersizes and i highly recommend it to anyone who chooses freedom.

    I would like some help regarding the Program Worksheet on page 19/20 of the Living Happiness Worksheet. Im trying to word my Overarching tendency and its a real challenge. Ive gone through the worksheet and filled in all the catagories and used words that best describes the areas in my life that im having hard time with. Id would really love to go through this process with someone who has already done this process as im still a newbie at this. Im just not quite sure how to word the overarching tendency/program.

    If anyone out there can assist please PM me or message this thread i would love to hear from you! I want to be done with this program once and for all and just enjoy life.

    Thanks to all.