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  • Neutrality

    The last products I bought have been Healing Conflict and after that during the winter sale From Fear to Fearlessness 2020.

    Meanwhile I feel hesitant about buying a new product. This is cause with Healing Conflict, yet even more with Fearlessness 2020, I found parts where Hale argued for what one could call the mainstream narrative about COVID-19.

    One example is in Fearlessness 2020 where Hale says that there is the belief or assumption that once one got infected with SARS-CoV 2 they cannot get infected again, yet that there is, so he claims, scientific evidence that this is not true. Yet on the other hand he does not mention that there are studies stating that even people not infected by SARS-CoV 2 but with previous Corona viruses may be immune due to T cell immunity. This goes on and on about COVID-19 – there is a huge lot of diametrically contradicting studies and there are a lot of experts who question the mainstream narrative yet are under represented to say the least in main stream media.

    So considering the information out there, one can come to completely different conclusions.

    Now when Hale tasks about how beliefs are never actually true, my expectation would be that he does not suggest that some scientific studies may be true that support the main stream narrative. I would expect him to be completely neutral about things. Or at least state, that it is personal opinion that the scientific work he mentioned is true.

    I found this in earlier programs as well where he made claims about some aspect of school medicine to be true without providing proof, but there it wasn't about human rights as it is today.

    I liked to share that reason why I am hesitant to buy another program.

    Another question would be whether even though all of this physical world may be an illusion that as long as we live in the human condition there is actually something that is true *within that illusion*. For example, if you drop a pen on Earth it usually falls down. You can collect any amount of scientific studies that would claim the contrary but the pen wouldn't care and still fall down. I wonder whether claiming, lalalala, it is all an illusion is very helpful when it comes for example to human rights – especially in the current situation.

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    Hi ananda99!

    One of my most beloved teachers says that refrigeration poisons food. I don't agree. And I refrigerate much of my food. Nearly everything else my beloved teacher says not only resonates with me but garners all the results I go to that teacher to learn about. We have to be discerning about what we embrace from the offerings of our teachers, mentors, etc. Any expectation that our teachers or mentors will be exactly as we want them to be is a sign that we want to give our power away to them as long as they are exactly as we expect them to be. My beloved teacher is entitled to think or believe whatever about refrigeration. And I am not disappointed that we don't agree on this point. And the ideas about refrigeration don't discount or diminish all the other things that teacher has to offer me. I don't control the teacher and the teacher doesn't control me. I haven't turned myself over completely to the teacher and I don't recommend that anyone do this with any teacher, no matter how much love and respect there is for the teacher.

    There are many mainstream ideas that we here at TSM support. For example, we don't claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or psychological condition. We strongly recommend folks consult the appropriate professional. There are folks who balk at this. And that's OK.

    With regards to the other topic you are discussing here, we live in the world of form and the realm of the formless. There are laws in the world of form and there are laws in the realm of the formless. Yes, there is no separation between the two however if we are expecting laws from the realm of the formless to be successfully applied to the world of form there are processes that we need to master in order for that to be manifest. Releasing is one of those processes. In the context of human rights, like everything else in the world of form, releasing is extraordinarily helpful however if we are someone who is inclined towards taking action steps on behalf of any human rights cause then go right ahead because that is one of the ways change is pushed forward in the world of form. Releasing, marching, voting, praying, boycotting, lobbying, educating etc. all count as ways to effect change. One should not and does not preclude the other.

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