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  • Strong Headache...

    I have been having unbearable headache due to my anxiety. It hurts so much I feel like my head is being squashed or exploding. It hurts so much I took some pain-killers and still feel like dying. I don't know how I could release this.

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    First, a disclaimer - the Sedona Method is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure disease, or to replace qualified medical care. Be sure to see your licensed health care provider in cases of illness or disease.

    That said, letting go of the feelings and beliefs around physical symptoms can often alleviate or eliminate them. And it can eliminate any suffering related to physical ailments.


    I would recommend two releases - Triple welcoming and a holistic release.

    Triple Welcoming

    Could you welcome the whole story of your headache -- all the pictures, sounds, sensations, memories that comprise that story

    Could you also welcome any reactions to it or feeling about it -- the belief it comes from anxiety, any wanting to hold onto it, push it away, wanting to die or run away from it, wanting to fix or change it, desperation, anger, frustration, despair, any feeling you can't change it, any feeling you absolutely have to change it to be OK. You may or may not have any of those feelings, just notice what is there.

    Could you also welcome the sense it is you or about you. Just notice that as well.

    That may ease it somewhat or entirely. And you may need to do that several times.

    Holistic Releasing

    Notice the area of sensation (headache). Let your awareness rest on that a few moments.

    Then, rest your awareness somewhere the sensation is not for a few moments. That could be a part of your body that feels 'normal', like the palm of your hand, an elbow, etc. Or it could be the silence, Is-ness, space that is always naturally present.

    Then notice the sensation
    Then notice where it is not

    Keep going back and forth. This usually melts whatever sensation is there.

    Let me know how it goes.

    All the best,
    Susan Seifert
    Certified Sedona Method Coach
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      Thank you Susan


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        Thank you.