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What do I do when a problem is vague/indefinable?

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  • What do I do when a problem is vague/indefinable?

    I have this sense of a problem in the form of consistently struggling with feeling seems so big and yet vague, with so many facets. I have no idea where to start with it.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

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    Dear Cameron,

    In order to release something, the content doesn't matter. Just check to see, is that problem actually here now?
    You might say that there are sensations, pictures, sounds, feelings, concepts, thoughts and facets.

    Could you just welcome the whole issue or problem with all sensations, pictures, sounds, feelings, concepts, thoughts and facets ?
    Could you also welcome any wanting to solve it, fix it, change it or figure out what to do about it? Could you also welcome any attachments or aversions to the problem, any wanting to hold it close or push it away?
    Could you welcome as well, any sense that it is your problem, it is about you or who you are?
    And as best as you can could you let go without any reason?

    Now check to see how you are feeling. You can do the triple welcoming a couple of times.
    Hale Dwoskin always says "Feelings are just feelings they are not facts and you can let them go."

    What I recommend you do is to start with small steps. Just keep releasing whatever is coming up about this problem.
    Be easy on yourself. And be open to the possibility that what you are is already beyond the problem.

    What you can also do is to look through the labels. It is like diving in to the core of the feeling and seeing beyond.
    When we label situations as big, vague or with many facets, we give much more importance and solidity to the situation and it seems like there is no way out.

    In this moment, allow yourself to remember the problem and all the labels you gave to it.

    When you look through the label "big" what is actually there?
    When you look through the label "vague" what is actually there?
    If there is another label coming up, allow yourself to look through that label too. What do you find there?
    And allow yourself to do that until your mind can not find any labels.

    Let me know how is it going.

    Kagan Bayraktaroglu
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      I've found the "wanting to figure it out" thing useful here.. to try to let go of that. I'm very analytical in terms of solving problems and feel like I need to break down each specific feeling/thought, trace it to it's route, etc. Interestingly the "answer" often would reveal itself (memory/images coming up) but that really would happen when I would drop it.. let go, instead of trying to dig in there and figure it out.. if you are like me, you are spending the energy trying to get in there and sort it out!
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        Hi Cameron,

        I would only add one little thing to the wonderful things that Kagan and Evan write here.

        Feelings are called feelings because we feel them in the body.

        See if you can notice where the "feeling down" feeling is in the body and see if you could allow it to be here as much as it is right now? It might be located in more than one place in the body. Could welcome all the places that feeling appears as best you can?

        If you do this before you follow up with the questions Kagan and Evan are recommending you'll notice that you will have a nice release.



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          Thank you everybody. I find just getting still helps tremendously. Then, I sometimes just welcome the unexplainable feelings. I still release whether I know if I'm angry or sad or scared, whatever.