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  • Stuck in apathy

    Does anyone have a good release for apathy? I find myself mired in this state of the point where I don't want to release or take any action. I feel like i want to go to sleep and just hide from life. I very much feel like there's no point in doing anything because things are never going to get better. I've been trying for so long to be happy and I'm still not happy. Very much wanting to give up.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Hello cameronwilliams,

    Your description of what you feel describes apathy pretty good. The feeling of apathy usually feels like lack of energy, willingness or desire to do anything. Everything seems hopeless and therefore it may seem difficult to get going again.

    However what helps is knowing that feelings are only feelings. They are not what we are. It is only something that we experience. And we can let those experiences go very easily.

    From my own experience I know it is very easy to let go of apathy. However because you may feel otherwise at the moment I strongly recommend you ask one of the coaches at this forum for a releasing session. I am sure you will find out that it doesn't take much to release apathy. It may be just one or few releases. Any releasing process is great for freeing yourself of apathy.

    Cheers, Milan
    Milan Slunečko - Sedona Method® Certified Coach.
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      Stuckness is a feeling and can be released too

      Hi Cameron,

      in addition to what Milan already mentioned, you might want to release the feeling of stuckness.

      Here is a great article from Hale about that:

      Also, later this day Karyn Klapecki hosts a free teleconference call. I highly recommend joining in - not just for you, but for everybody who wants to experience an hour of powerful releasing.
      More information about her call:

      All the best,
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        I feel like that a lot too. Now, I just welcome it and let it go (Not just apathy but any feeling). Sometimes, it's hard to fully welcome a memory or event, but keep welcoming it. Don't release to get high, but get high to release.
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          Dear Cameron,

          There are also some wonderful gains here! Rather than withdrawing further, you ARE taking action by releasing and by asking for assistance. This is your desire for a freer, happier life and the more you welcome and let go of the beliefs, memories and stories to the contrary, the more you tip the scales in the direction of that being your new "norm".

          May I encourage you to write down your gains and accomplishments, both big and small, and open to the love and support offered here. We've all been through similar experiences!

          Warm regards,

          Annrika James Sedona Method Instructor

          [email protected]


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            Thanks everyone for your suggestions.... I've been very reluctant to do the gains exercise for some reason, but I will give it a go. Thank you!


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              Cameron, you could also ask yourself: "How does this apathy make me feel?" See how it makes you feel in relation to your survival.
              Then release on that. Hopefully it works like it did for me.