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Body feeling very yucky

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  • Body feeling very yucky

    Hi friends,
    Could you send some healing and loving energy. My body hasn't been feeling to well lately; and neither has my mind. I could also use some releasing suggestions and inspiration.

    I've been resistant to releasing recently. Fatigue seems to be a big part of it (story?). I know my mind is getting in the way. Feeling insecure about quite a few things (money, health, a decision, etc). Realized today the release on security has been in my CD player inside my crock pot on top of my fridge since I moved. I listened to it often before the move. I want to feel even better than I did when I was listening to it.

    Thank you <3

    Oh, have also been feeling a time scarcity; and feeling like it is my fault that my body is unwell.
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    Hi Persephone,

    could you welcome what's here now? All feelings, sensations, thoughts. And all wanting to change it, make it different than it is. Any aversion or attachment to it. Any sense this is personal or about you.

    and can you welcome what's remaining in the moment. All memories, stories, sensations, feelings and thoughts. All your not wanting to feel this way. Any want to hold on to it or push it away. And can you ask yourself: is this me or mine?

    And remember, you can go from apathy (or any other feeling) to courage in one release...

    I remember one time last year when I woke up, I didn't feel very well. Did not feel like getting out of bed. After a while I thought of checking within what was there in the moment. Then I realized: this is apathy! And my next thougt was: I can let this go! And the next moment I did, jsut dropped it and it was totally gone. It was an amazing experience.

    the best,
    Clarie van de Langenberg --- Sedona Method® Certified Coach
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      Thank you Clarie. Feels better (my perception anyway). <3


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        I'm glad you're feeling better.

        I find holistic releasing a fun and effective way to release the 'yuckies' :

        Could you notice how yucky you feel? How ____ (choose one: good, great, ok, normal, energetic, etc.)

        I love doing holistic releases when I wake up, it clears up anything that may be lingering from the night's rest.

        All the best,
        Susan Seifert
        Certified Sedona Method Coach
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