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Is the "future" a memory?

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  • Is the "future" a memory?

    I have been spending some time with the 5th way questions on the basic course, and questions found on this forum.

    I've always noticed that I have memories, and that I have predictions of the future...constantly. However, when I was spending time with the question "If you don't go into memory, can you find a "me" in this moment?", I noticed that all my predictions of the future were really just memories. Every time I "knew" something was going to happen, it was because it had happened before.

    So my question is, is that true? Are all predictions of the future, immediate or distant, really just memories as well? Is that something that everyone else already knows when going through the 5th way questions? I have been struggling with the 5th way because of this, and if "memories" also applies to predictions of the future, and "knowing" what will happen, I think that would really help clear things up.

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    Hi Brian,

    When do memories appear? Now! When do predictions appear? Now! When do the concepts of past and future appear? Now!
    Life only happens now! It's only as we identify with past memories and an imaginery future that we appear to be time bound.

    As you ask yourself "What is actually here now?" Welcome whatever arises in this moment, pictures, sensations, thoughts, etc., as well as the space in which all appears. Continue with steps 2 & 3 of the triple welcoming process. As all dissolves (including the sense of "me") you may then quietly explore that which is changelessly present, the space and emptiness.

    All phenomonon comes and goes. Our true nature/beingness is changeless and effortlessly present. The 5th Way questions invite us to explore and rediscover that for ourselves.

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      Thank you Anrika for this great advices! Everything happen NOW! So, so true!
      Do what you do when you are doing it, and don't do what you are not doing when you are not doing it!


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        Thank you very much for your response. My mind is still really wanting to understand it all, and assess it, and label it... but I let a little of that go today, and did everything you wrote in your second paragraph and had a great release. Again, thank you!

        Perhaps this should be a new thread.... but I would also like some assistance on the question "if you don't go into memory, can you find a "me" in this moment?". When I ask myself that, I often feel that I am my thoughts.. or at least the unseen source of my thoughts and feelings. Are thoughts and feelings part of me, yet separate from awareness?

        I have a feeling that the answer to my questions is, they aren't "my" thoughts or feelings. And I also think that if I look with an open mind and heart, I will discover that answer for myself... But my mind is a hungry one, and this is the mental equivalent of thanksgiving dinner

        I am having a lot of difficulty with the concept that there is no me. I ask the questions to let go of wanting separation, but the notion that there is not a separate me goes against everything everyone has believed since the beginning of recorded history, let alone my personal entire life. It almost seems like crazy talk!

        Thank you again for your time and assistance.


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          Isn't all that ... all of what you've written ... all the thoughts you've had ... just a memory? ... including all the wanting to figure it out? the mental spin? ... all occurring right now?
          Could you allow yourself to welcome all that? All the judgements you may have of yourself....