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What to release when unwell with a cold or the flu.

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  • What to release when unwell with a cold or the flu.

    hi all,

    I currently have a bad cold and I was wondering what I should be releasing, the sensations of the symptoms or my reaction to the symptoms or both?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Release whatever arises, no problems, no second guessing, just what is. Colds can appear more than they are because of memories, anxiety, fear and all the normal mind activities that arise in the now. Colds appear less strong when you release what you find here and now, moment by moment.
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      highlander 43.
      I have what I call a heavy duty cold at the moment, and find it helps if I accept the symptoms, just let them be here, rather than resisting them. It's ironic, as it meant I had to postpone a Effortless Creation skype session with someone..I effortlessly created a sore throat /chesty cough/temperature etc


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        You guys should have called Hale. He would have had you releasing your colds/flu in 3 minutes. Ask Jack Canfield.
        Celebrate the cold/flu symptoms. Wasn't it a virus that destroyed the aliens in "War of the Worlds"? If we're all one, why don't I have a cold? Or if there is no "we", who has the cold? Can you find the one with the cold? Can you welcome the cold, it's symptoms, your resistance to it, any meaning attached to "the cold", or any wanting to change, fix or control it? Could you let it go? Would you? When? Do three releases and call me in the morning. Peace...
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          Hi Jack,

          Great sense of humor! I'll check in with you in the morning!!

          Happy releasng,
          Tim McCavitt Sedona Method Instructor

          [email protected]