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Could someone give me some powerful releases for this...?

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  • Could someone give me some powerful releases for this...?

    I am up too late (with flulike symptoms since yesterday) after trying to figure out how much money I'll have left by the end of the month, so I can figure out how much money I can offer a company the I am behind in paying. It doesn't look good at all. The whole money picture doesn't look good at all. I joined Debtor's Anonymous in hopes of fixing this stuff. The group has given me some hope, but I know I'll need some help from TSM to really change this. I have had money issues for a long time and know that I've had a negative perspective about money for a long time. Its been hard for me to face my money issues. It has usually been preceded by anxiety, fear, and immobilization. Which is why there has been a lot of vagueness when it comes to me and my money. It looks like I can't afford some pretty important stuff. I'm worried that without the supplements I may not be able to afford, I'll have a flare or become more seriously depressed than I feel I am now. I'm worried I'll have an accident with my car that badly needs breaks. My worst fear is that I will lose my apartment.

    Another money related issue that I am having is that I have been frequently late or absent from work due to illness. I also hate my job of nearly ten years. I have not been well liked there. I do believe that health, attitude, and money are all related here.

    I might as well throw in here that I've had an issue with "time debting". Its been very painful for me. I feel like I've done the best I can, but I haven't been able to get the basics taken care of, forget about anything fun. Sometimes I've caught myself dropping something that I was very much engaged in and going off to do something else. When I've realized this, I was totally perplexed by how it happened. I've frequently been anxious in the morning about being late and I've become immobilized and wondered in circles trying to remember what comes next.

    I know I want to step up my TSM practice as well as prayer and meditation. I work on this, but I fizzle out periodically. It seems this has to be pretty constant and intense to do the work I need. I've really slowed down with TSM. I'll put the CDs back in my car. I miss the serenity that I had when I was listening to them more intensely.

    Thanks for any suggestions! and thanks for reading about my pain. Hope it wasn't too painful to read, lol.
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    You can give yourself those powerful releases you seek. Resistance is strong to what is here and now. Life appears like a self perpetuating circle. But it is NOT............ every moment is fresh and full of everything, anything is possible. Work through the resistance to now, anything that comes up, rises to be released. We often live with either future projection or past memory, look to now, not the memory of it. Feel into that body and let go release in whatever way feels right in that moment. It sounds like it is time for you to really dive into those feelings with the perspective and technique that you have acquired from TSM.


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      Hey, what sunchild is saying is great! There is no reason you can't get through all of this. Maybe you are (trying) to avoid the now. The mind is staying in the past and projecting the same in to the future. However, these concepts of past and future don't exist. There is only now. If you are trying to avoid what is, it will hurt. There is only now. Welcome it, since it's already there anyway. If that's difficult, allow yourself to resist the now as best you can. Then see how that progresses. All will be well, because all is well


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        All this resonates.....Thank you for the dialogue all.....


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          Persephone, Everyones life is unique, and though we experience our lives on a very personal level there are universal truths that appear to apply to everyone and the circumstances in all lives. From your discription of the situation, or the apparent circumstances that you view your life to be experiencing is, at this time, about to demonstrate at least one (if not more) of those "Truths". That of impermanence. Or,"This too shall pass". Of course, the other side of this is that if we don't learn the lessons of our experiences, we may find ourselves creating similar experiences until we do learn, or perhaps recieve that which we've truly asked for. Which in your case may be "knowingness" or "freedom".
          As I mentioned above,"about to demonstrate" is in regards to changes, or at least the opportunity for changes in your life. Real and lasting changes. And isn't that what you've been asking (read,praying) for. This may well be in the form of T S M . What I suspect is that you may be so deep into the "appearances" of your life that you may be blocking or resisting the bennefits or purpose of what T S M can do for you. In other words, you can't get out of your own way...
          If you would allow me to give you a little advice that I feel might help, I suggest you LET the experience and knowledge of one of the S M coaches help you release some of the feelings and beliefs that you're holding on to so tightly. It is my understanding that the initial call to S M coach is free. There is much that you will do on your own, as you already have, but sometimes we just need a little assistance to get... where we already are.
          You are unique Persphone, your story is not. In fact , it sounds a lot like mine. Geez! Make up your own, I'm still a little attached to mine.
          Make the call...and let the community (me) know what incredible gains you're experiencing. Peace...


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            A good place to begin to unravel all the thoughts, feelings and belifs connected to this issue with money would be what is called triple welcoming. Begin by allowing yourself to just welcome and open up to all the feelings and memories, sensations that are here now in regard to this issue. And could you also welcome any and all wanting to fix it or change it, push it away or hold on as well as any wanting to figure out what to do about it? Check and see if there is also any wanting to control, wanting approval, security, seperation or oneness? COuld you let that go? And then Could you welcome the sense that it's personal, that it's about you and who you are? Once you have really opened to that then could you just let the anything remaining go? Could you set it free as best you can?
            You can repeat that process a few times daily and see what begins to happen inside.
            Hope that's helpful.
            Vanessa Morgan
            Certified Sedona Method Coach