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Am I thinking too much?

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  • Am I thinking too much?

    I'm new, so maybe the more I learn, the better I'll be able to answer this for myself...but...

    Say the feeling I'm thinking of is anxiety over not having enough money, for example.

    I ask myself, "Can I just welcome this feeling (anxiety)?"
    I answer, "Okay, sure."

    Then I ask, "Could I just let it go?"
    I answer yes or no. Usually yes, because I believe that I am "able."

    Then I get confused.

    I ask, "Would I let it go?"
    and my answer is always "well if I could, I would!"

    then I ask, "When?"
    and I always say "as soon as possible!"

    I'm wondering if I'm thinking too much or not enough about this, or if I should just let the answers that come to me be & move on with trying to release.

    Does this make sense?

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    Hi Oasisfan,

    I believe that the answer to the question "Am I thinking too much" for each and every one of "us" is always YES
    Regarding the answer to the When question, when would be "as soon as possible" for you? For me its always and only NOW, if I could and would, then why not do it right now, instead in some distant undefined future.

    Hope it helps!



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      That is all good!! Keep at it. As for thinking too much.................. hell yeah!!
      The mind is a tool, we though often spend a lot of time (most life) with it out in full operative use. The mind will always think, that is it's job.
      Go easy on yourself, just the asking and any answer is a release. You might think the fireworks are going to go off, and a massive trumpet fan fare is going to accompany a release. Often nothing is felt, sometimes a freedom inside is felt and if its happening a great big laugh can arise, and all in between. To cut a long story short , you can't do this wrong.


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        Thanks everyone!!!