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What's actually here now?

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  • What's actually here now?

    Hale often asks, "What's actually here now?" And while it's such a simple question, somehow I manage to let it confuse me. Does he mean on the inside or the outside? I am thinking of this specifically with relation to The Fifth Way.

    In one YouTube video ("Taste of the 5th Way"), he tells us to check and see, "What's actually here now? [pause] The first thing that may come up is what you're experiencing: your thoughts, your feelings, [etc] ... " Then he encourages us to "dig a little deeper" to see what is actually here now, beyond what we are experiencing.


    How is it even possible to check for what is actually here now BEYOND what we are experiencing? Whether it's inside or out, it seems completely impossible to go beyond experiencing, because experiencing is all that there is.

    How is it possible to go beyond experience?

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    Hi phsupertonic!

    On what does this experience (thoughts, feelings etc) show up? How do you experience it, with what? Dont think about it too much, because its not a "mind thing" and it will only get you spinning in circles. Just play with it, its not that serious, you do not need to get anything, let it evolve with every release.




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        Hi there !!

        What happens when you release is true and right at that time, otherwise there would be other experiencing happening......!!! So you must be doing just great !!

        Heres another question to 'play' with....
        What is that which is aware of the experiencing?
        When that questioned was answered, did you notice any glimpse of a sense of "much ado about nothingness" !!!....which is already there within us....and what ever happened when answering, the answering was right for you at that time...which is perfect!
        Letting go the feelings and thoughts that cover over the answer allows for the innate knowing to be revealed. That is why the question 'pointers' are usually asked.

        Hope this clears it a little more for you and thanks for asking the question