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  • My problem :P

    Hii to all!

    I have been releasing lately and i found out an important realisation that i was a neck up releaser as the symptoms of mine matched with that of hale which he has mentioned in his book.For past few days i have tried releasing the feelings too but my whole body shivers completely .I have had this problem in the past and i was suggested by few releasers to allow it to happen as the condition will change with time .I followed their advice and my shivering disappeared .But thereafter , i just couldn't release my feelings (maybe resistance hit).I am quite fed up with this as now i have to start again .My problem is : Whenever my life starts going smoothly , i unconsciously do something which hurts me and breaks the flow and i have to start all over again .I have various guilt related to these decisions too .My closed ones are the ones who do get affected by this but i seem to care less.I just want these all problems to just go away .Please suggest me some releases or a way to not do these things again as i am feeling like i am coming back to life but i have this feeling that i would spoil it all over gain .

    Thank You

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    Hi Gopaljee
    I can relate to what you wrote, and have a few thoughts on it. First, perhaps to do the triple welcoming on feeling ‘quite fed up with this’. And notice that it is a feeling, it’s not you.

    You wrote:
    "Whenever my life starts going smoothly , i unconsciously do something which hurts me and breaks the flow and i have to start all over again .”

    There’s two ways I can see of thinking about this. First, notice that’s an expectation, so you could welcome this expectation and do the triple welcoming on it.
    And then, have you considered that perhaps you are not doing anything to hurt you and break the flow, that it could be that having experienced some smoothness in you life it feels possible to allow deeper feelings or patterns to emerge for you to release? (A bit like if you climb a hill you stop on a plateau for a rest and then go up further.)

    To me it sounds that you are doing fine, and thanks for posting this because I had some stuff come up this morning that I was feeling a little frustrated about and in answering your questions I have answered my own.


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      Evie told you some really great practical advices. I would also recommend to try "Beyond Letting Go" course - it has some great audios you can use and that can really help you. I like especially releasing on the doer, and there is a lady also who is expecting to have some problems in the future, I think that it can help you in this resisting phase that you are in right now. Resistance is just a feeling, that shows in or on what you are.

      And don't be so tough on yourself, right now is all there is and right now you are doing fine otherwise you wouldnt be doing at all




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        I will really cry now.I was just writing a reply which had my very true strong emotions and as i was writing i released along the way .Now although the feelings are totally not gone .I am contented with it.Thank you Evie for expressing your feelings.It gives so much confidence to have someone relate to when you are exploring new dimensions .
        Santuno ,
        I am having the book and the audio course of sedona method .I am yet to complete it .Thanks but for your advice , i could although relate to another thing with your words which will be of great use to me (intution)

        Thank you