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So I'm Awareness...Now What?

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  • So I'm Awareness...Now What?

    Hi All - I have been releasing now for 5 years and just recently got to a place of recognizing that I am actually awareness. I can now sit and watch emotions and thoughts and recognize that it is not me. This has been a huge breakthrough to just realize that I am not these stories and emotions, that I am the awareness or the the watcher. And this method has allowed me to be in the now as much as possible.

    When I get into this space of awareness all the goals I had (financial, relationships, etc.) don't seem to exist and I just don't feel like I need to do anything about them. I don't know if this makes sense. I mean I feel like I need to eat when I feel hunger or pay bills when I get a bill. But needing to be financial free or needing to be in a relationship with someone does not seem all that important, and I don't seem to have a desire to do anything about it.

    It feels kinda odd not to have a desire for these goals, which I figure is my mind or ego telling me that I'm odd cause I'm not doing anything about these goals. When I am in awareness I get that I don't have to do anything. But then the mind comes back with this fear of "OMG! you can't sit around and do NOTHING!".

    Looking for some validation (well, at least my mind is) that I'm ok. Thanks

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    Hi truthseeker001,

    I am going to present you my thoughts that I had when reading your post.

    I think if you really had that internal knowingness or experience of awareness then you would not be asking this questions that you are asking.
    It seems to me that you could be using concept of awareness as a means of not getting into action or escaping/wanting to not have any goals.

    I would try to see or feel inside myself, when I think about awareness and goals if anything comes up? When I think about being awareness does any want come up? When I think about goals, does any lacking feeling show his face inside of me? When I think about not having desires, or having desires, how do I feel? I am interested to hear what (if anything) you find out?

    Perhaps someone with more experience in releasing (coach perhaps) could offer you their insight, this was just my own.

    Hope you stay well!