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    Hi Guys,

    I just started out and going through the SuperCourse. I just listened to CD7 and have a couple of questions about The Goal Process.

    At step 4 when I'm supposed to think about which want underlies the feeling, and I think I know which want it is should I try to bring up the feeling associated with that want and than release on that feeling or bring up the underlying feeling again and release on that?

    At step 6 how can I be sure to have reached courageousness, acceptance or peace? In the workbook it says it's vital to reach one of these higher states before moving on. So I have to be sure, shouldn't I? And also if I'm not fully released on the feeling, which I think I'm not, should I re listen to the track until I am or should I just move on with the CDs?

    More questions than I thought.
    I would appreciate your input!


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    Hi Simon,

    At step #4: As you allow yourself to welcome the want(s) you'll notice that it has a feel to it. It is not necessary to retrace your steps; the wants are deeper programs from which all feelings stem. Simply invite yourself to let the want go. You may even notice it effortlessly dissolving on its own as you welcome it.

    At step #6: As you go through the process a few times you will start feel happier, more complete and enough as you are in this moment. You have probably already noticed a positive shift inside as you release. Pause and acknowledge the satisfaction that is already here now! You can ask yourself "what action(s) can I take today to accomplish my goal? Release and get into action!
    Then, whatever else may arise during the day will simply pass through or dissolve naturally.

    "Self-improvement" does not need to take time and effort; it can be simple and fun!

    Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

    All the best,

    Licensed Instructor: Sedona Method Seminars and Coaching
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      Hi Annrika,

      thank you for your assistance. Your reply was very helpful. I have no further questions right now.

      All the best,