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What if we're all being lived?

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  • What if we're all being lived?

    In a recent email from Hale titled "Stop Blaming Yourself for Your Life", he states the following;

    When it comes to what's unfolding in your life, what if you (and everyone else) are not "doing" anything? What if we're all being lived by the Power That Is the Way? What if all of us are part of a unified field of consciousness that's manifesting all action and inaction? I know this may seem like an outrageous point of view, but if you're open to exploring this perspective, you may find a whole new world opens up to you.

    This world is naturally free of blame. It's also free of pride and anger. I would recommend that you simply ponder these questions and notice what happens inside of you.

    As you discover that you're responsible for what happens in your life -- and eventually you uncover and live more as that which is beyond both blame and responsibility -- you will find that it gets harder and harder to blame yourself or others for what is or is not happening in your life. You find yourself taking appropriate action from moment to moment and allowing life to simply unfold as it does. This frees up a tremendous amount of energy for good. It's also very relaxing and inwardly enlivening.

    My problem with this logic comes from a place of having a lot of empathy for the pain others go through. This logic seems to not consider the misdeeds of individuals that bring about so much pain and harm to others. From actions of genocide, to 9/11, to home invasions, to identity theft, to random shootings and so on, by saying "people are not doing this, they are being done" seems to gloss over people's pain.

    For instance, in the spiritual country of India families and villagers have a practice of ostracizing woman when the husband dies due to that they are a financial burden. Compassion is totally lost for the global good of the family and village. These poor souls shouldn't blame their own children for tossing them out, because heck, it's tradition!! Hales states, "when we live beyond blame, we tend to look more for what is mutual and for everyone's highest and best good". Tell that to these woman who gave their lives to their husbands and her children only to end up destitute. Where's the compassion??

    Widowed-Homeless And Ostracized

    I remember one Hindi Indian male telling me that war is not necessarily bad as it's the natural way of purging the population. And though I wasn't a fanatic about the show, this does remind me of an old Star Trek episode where two nations were at war but to avoid the destruction of their land each side agreed long ago to kill a small percentage of their own population on a regular basis. After all, this civil way of dealing with the consequences of war seemed best for the overall good. But then Captain Kirk and the crew intervened and by interrupting the next scheduled slaughter they forced the two sides to consider the individual lives being lost and to deal with their disagreements that were in truth now long forgotten.

    So my question is, if we go with this idea that we are not doing, but we're being done, that we're being lived by a greater power with an overall plan, are we not simply glossing over the circumstances of each and every individual? Are we not simply going through live with blinders?

    I welcome all thoughts and opinions.

    Thank you.
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    Forgive me, but I want to ask you some questions in response to your questions.

    1. Do you think it's your responsibility to cure this world of its problems? (If no, then this discussion would end here, wouldn't it?)

    2. If yes, what's the best way for you to make a difference, by being bound in the mind/body with a name or by being who you really are beyond names and forms?

    3. What's the best way for you to realize your true nature? Are you willing to explore the thought "we are all being lived" in order that you may step closer to realizing the real you?

    Of course, no right or wrong answers. Just a way to approach this line of thinking.

    Wish you all the best,
    All expressions of thought and emotion - including words - can only point to the Truth, never tell it.
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      Bhavesh, thanks for the comments :-)
      Now, ready for this.....

      So its 'Be what you 'being' when youre 'being' it ...and dont 'be' what your not 'being' when youre not 'being' it....heh heh
      Cept try to try, to "dont be".........!!!
      Well...thats Sedona Method......!! :-) :-)