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The nine emotional states

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  • The nine emotional states

    Can anyone tell something about the nine emotional states? How to work on them,to be in touch,to recognize them in action.
    The value of them on the moment to moment releasing?
    Many thanks Cristian

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    As I understand it, and I'm far from being an expert, all your feelings and thoughts culminate into these emotional states and all these emotional states culminate into the four wants; wanting control/no control, wanting approval/ no approval, wanting security/lack of security, wanting separation/oneness. Releasing only on your thoughts and feelings would take forever, but releasing on your emotional states quickens the process since thousands of thoughts / feelings make up these emotions. But by releasing on your wants, then that would even quicken the process further since the wants are made up of those same emotions.

    That being said, if you tend to suppress your energy you'll tend to be in the bottom 1/3 of AGFLAPCAP or Apathy, Grief and Fear. If you tend to express your feelings then your tendency will be in Lust, Anger and Pride. And, of course, if you tend to release your energy as you experience it, then you're in CAP (Courageousness, Acceptance & Peace). Knowing where you stand, I think, is important since the bottom third typically produces inversions (tendency to stay away from) and the middle third typically can be associated with attachments (tendency to want close). My belief is if you tend to be in the middle third, you'll have less work to do.
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      Many thanks.I found what You said very helpful.
      Many thanks.