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I'd love some assistance on lifelong story release . . .

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  • I'd love some assistance on lifelong story release . . .

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been releasing for a couple of years and 90% of what I see in my life is through the filter of a life long story
    and identification with failure and victim. Every morning I wake up it's right there to greet me and be my constant
    companion throughout my waking moments. I have been welcoming using ALL the processes and just keep allowing
    it all to be the way it is. While I have gotten some moments of release, I just keep "seeing" an identity that I cannot
    get out from under . . .and yes I can and do welcome that as well. And I know it's not "ME", but all I experience is the suffering.

    My question is . . .has anyone dealt with anything like this in their own process that can shed some light for me?
    Like Hale says, I feel like I'm doing the same thing over and over hoping to get a different result, YET, THAT SAME THING IS RELEASING.

    Thank you all for any help with this!!

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    I am also struggling with this. My 'story' is constant rejection... whenever I try to let go I just remind myself that I always get dumped after a few months and have got loads of evidence to prove this ... and have promised myself never to enter into a relationship again... this is not really what I want but the only way I can stop the hurting at the moment. I would love to know how to let go of the 'story' and create a different reality.


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      While I have gotten some moments of release, I just keep "seeing" an identity that I cannot
      get out from under . . .
      Hi Bib. Life-stories, dramas etc are usually deeply-ingrained, core issues which could take time to dissolve completely. If you experience CAP in between, then it means that you are indeed releasing well. More and more layers will keep coming. So, just treat it as just another layer when it comes, and keep releasing. Persistence and discipline will surely pay.
      What, in this moment, is lacking?


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        Hello Bib and Razzybobear,

        Thank you for sharing. About your situation what I can say is that, we all have "stories" that are like core issues and that we appear to struggle for years.
        As a certified coach I also had some stories like that. What sometimes happens is after you learn to let go, you begin to use releasing in order to change the situation. And that releases the energy but a part of is not releasing, it is wanting control. So in that case you don't fully let go. When that happens you reinforce the issue because you want to get rid off it. And that is totally normal because that is what happens for most people. I had the same experience as well. And than I realized that I release in order to achieve something so I want to control and as I said that is not fully lettinggo. So here is a triple welcoming process that coluld help you to go deeper and to go beyond wanting to change.

        Could you just welcome "your" story that you have been releasing for years. Could you just welcome the memories, pictures, sensations, thoughts, sounds?
        Could you also welcome how you want to release it, want to be free of it, want no longer be bound by it, want to fix or change it, and want to get rid off it? Could you also welcome any attachments or aversions to the story?
        Could you also welcome any sense that story is about you or who you are any sense that is personal?
        And could you just let go?

        Just do the triple welcoming as the story and tendencies come up.
        I wish you all the best.
        Kağan Bayraktaroğlu
        Sedona Method Certified Coach


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          Hi Kagan
          Thanks for that :-) How are you getting on Bib?


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            Hi Kagan
            Thanks for that :-) How are you getting on Bib?