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Letting Go and Nausea ( dry heaves)

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  • Letting Go and Nausea ( dry heaves)

    Hi there! I've been using the Sedona Method for over a year now (20 CD course) and it's amazing. One question: Sometimes when I release on something emotionally difficult, something I'm really stuck on, I get the dry heaves sporadically for a day or 2 afterwards (maybe 5 times over a course of the day). Then it just stops. I've been to a Dr. and there's nothing physically wrong with me- I'm 35 and very healthy. I believe this has to do with the blockages releasing from my body. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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    I may have something similar since I feel a bit dizzy and wobbly after releasing an emotion. But then again, I'm currently having some (hopefully) minor health problems, don't know if they contribute to this too.


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      Yup. I has releasing from both ends last night during my support group meeting. (Sorry folks). Its all good.


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        I once blacked out during releasing! I was working in my office one day when something came up and I knew I had to release. So, I went to the restroom and started releasing. I don't remember when during the process I blacked out, but all I remember is finding myself lying on the floor of the bathroom and one colleague shouting from outside, because, he obviously heard the sound of my fall. Imagine my embarassment (had to release on that, of course!). To me, it seems that the physical effects of releasing can vary over a far wider range than we would normally think. The good thing is, they all pass.
        What, in this moment, is lacking?


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          OMG, emotions do have a BIG effect on us. As to my current health problems, I'm sure they have to do with my longlasting stress that I have been inable to release. No matter what I've tried; yoga, excercise, meditation, the tension and worries prevail. The Sedona method seems to help more than all the other things I've tried together, but still a long way to go. Hopefully not too late for my health though.