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  • Clean Up Procedure

    In my line of work I have found that about 90% of my clients have stayed with me and about 10% have stopped using me and gone elsewhere. Of course, being human I don't think of the 90% who have stayed with me, I think of the 10 % who have " dumped " me and gone elsewhere. Its not been about price because I know what my rivals charge and I know I am among the cheapest.
    I have been using the clean-up procedure and I think the bit thats most relevant is step 2 approval. I am quite sensitive to people not approving of me. It hurts when I see an ex-client using someone else. On pages 238 to 240 in the Sedona Method book in the clean up procedure one of the questions is " If so, would you like to change that ? ". What is the " that " being referred to in the question ?

    Many thanks for reading this

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    Hi Glenn. The phrase "that" could refer to your being sensitive to people's approval and/or you getting hurt when people seem to reject/disapprove you. All feelings around that issue would be good candidates for "that". Hope this helps.

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