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Question on wording of a money goal

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  • Question on wording of a money goal

    I don't know if I'm wording my goal correctly. Is "I allow myself to have $8,400 per month or more" acceptable? Or would it be better to write it as "I allow myself to make $8,400 per month or more?" I feel there is a difference between the two because when I release on them I don't feel the same for each one.

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    Hi RAR,

    Good question. And there is a difference in the wording that would cause the releasing to be a bit 'different' as well.

    #1 goal, "I allow myself to have..." is a lot more open ended, inclusive...release until you are open to receiving (all the support of the universe) and it's ok whether or not you get the goal (that's hootlessness).

    #2 goal, "I allow myself to make..." leaves it all up to you...the $ comes from your 'making' it...not much inclusion to the support of the universe. Does the $ have to come through your work/efforts/making it...or would it be ok if it simply came in from wherever?

    Financial goals are great ways to get us into action...sure, things might fall into your lap, but it's the willingness and courageousness to get into action that's key...don't wait for things to magically change, simply allow yourself to get into action. Even small daily actions can make a big difference in actually achieving your goals.

    Here's another goal statement you might what to check out: "I effortlessly have an ongoing cash flow that covers all my needs and more".

    Have fun with this...and let us know how it's going!

    P.S. If you're somewhat new to releasing (and goals) you may want to consider joining our next Free Support Call, September 4, 2012. A great opportunity to ask myself or Annrika any specific releasing questions, or release along with people as they are releasing, or jump right in and do some one-on-one releasing with one of us! To join the call here's the link: Support Call Sign Up
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      Sometimes I find it helps to add, choose. I choose to allow myself. I find it helps when expanding my comfort zone. Something that has worked for me on a number of occasions.

      As Tim said, different wording causes different releasing.