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Can't stop peeing!

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  • Can't stop peeing!

    I don't know if this is the right place or what.

    I suffer from anxiety and depression sometimes so I always make the link.

    Recently I've been peeing loads. Literally, I can drink a small glass of water and need to pee, I can sometimes end up peeing every half hour or so.

    It's playing on my mind though, I think all day about weeing so I don't know if I'm making myself want to by doing that.

    I don't know what do.


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    You have some options here. For starters, and as best you can, don't judge your thoughts of wanting to pee as that only creates conflict.

    1) You can focus on the underlying want which I believe is control. You can release on wanting control (in this case of not peeing so much).

    2) When the thoughts appear as best you can focus on them. You don't need to judge them good or bad/right or wrong. You simply put your full attention on them. This is bringing your consciousness into your thoughts. This has great power to transmute thoughts and cause them to cease with practice.

    Finally this is not medical advise. Sedona and methods like it are great for addressing mind issues (thoughts) and have been reported to help with health related issues but make no claims to addressing specific bodily functions.


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      I suggest seeing a Medical Practitioner to rule out health problems. That may require some releasing in itself, trying to deny there might be a problem, wanting to avoid seeing a doctor, etc. However professional help with what might be a medical condition, is sometimes the necessary action to needed. Once you know what's going on then you can do more releasing. However wanting the problem to go away, doesn't make the problem go away. Release on wanting the problem to disappear and get help.



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        Hi Dave,

        Often when one is doing spiritual work and letting go of old stuff one can pee up a storm for a while which seems to be the bodys way of letting go. Can be as simple as that.