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Have I worded this goal correctly?

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  • Have I worded this goal correctly?

    I am working my through the Effortless Creation tapes and would like to know if I have worded my goal correctly. My goal is:

    I allow myself to be open to receiving wealth and success beyond my wildest dreams

    How does that sound?

    Any advice on this would be helpful


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    You are using "I allow" which is powerful and a good way to state things. I would restate it as:

    "I allow wealth and success beyond my dreams to effortlessly flow into my life." [A revised version is two posts down]

    It is suggested in many teachings not to use I and myself as you are causing an internal split. There is you then yourself (two). In a fully enlightened state there is internal harmony and one. The relationship with yourself drops away and you become whole (one).
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      Hi Solaris,

      Thanks for your reply and advice. I really like the new wording on this goal, I think you have made a big improvement on this.

      Many thanks


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        Sure, glad to assist. I will say after taking another look that this goal can be stated more efficiently:

        "I allow wealth and success beyond form to effortlessly flow into life."

        A few notes on it:

        1) It replaces the remaining my's, which can be seen as creating a dual relationship too. (The famous Me, myself, and I makes three relationships out of one.)

        2) It states the limits aren't dreams but form. The formless' power is beyond anything thing form can imagine and dreams are forms. Therefore the same is being accomplish but it is now saying the "limit" is form period.

        3) There really is only life period as there is only one source. When we leave this form we entered the formless but the core of who we are, being energy, remains. So "my life" really isn't necessary as you never gain or lose "life". I realize I included it in the first draft, however it would be stronger to omit the my.

        So there you go. I left the first draft for all to see and put a note to refer to this post.