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    I have been using the Sedona Method for about two-three months now and I find it to be a real gift. As a very serious seeker for a long time
    (10+ years) the SM has been a much needed breath of fresh air in my general confusion about all things spiritual and how they relate to 'me' and my real
    day-to-day life (of course the SM does not need to be viewed as a spiritual practice at all if one is not inclined - another cool thing about it).

    The best thing I have noticed about the SM so far is that it completely avoids a lot of the common issues and problems I have had with
    spiritual/self-improvement groups in the past. Upon starting on a program, path or with a group there are tremendous demands on a person to instantly change deep patterns and behaviors regardless of the trouble that might cause. The inside out approach of the SM - where you let go of the limitations in your life and thereby allow your innate knowingness to shine through is most definitely the way for me.....

    Question: I have a lot of goals that I wish to accomplish. Along with releasing on wanting to achieve/acquire/attain all of these things - is there any advice out there on how many goals are reasonable to work on in a given day? For example I have a few wealth and success goals, a few health and wellness
    goals, a creative goal or two and also a few relationship goals. That totals at least 10-12 goals that I am eager to work on. Thoughts?


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    Actually the best method for working with goals is taught in the Sedona Method Supercourse. I recommend starting there.

    I suggest you focus on one goal at a time. Since the other goals are on your list you usually wind up getting those goals happening too. In fact you may not feel like you're making progress with a goal you are focused on and yet everything with other goals is falling into place. For that reason, just keep releasing.