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I've been releasing on goals, but now I am not sure how I feel?

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  • I've been releasing on goals, but now I am not sure how I feel?

    After repeatedly releasing for several days on a few goals (for a about an hour and a half everyday), I am not sure how I feel. Sometimes I feel neutral about the goals (which I interpret as peace and courageousness), but at other times I feel bored. It isn't that I wouldn't like to have the goals, but I just don't know why there is a sense of boredom. I think it is possible could be that I have released on the goals so much and read over my goals so many times that I am just tired of reading/thinking about them. Thoughts?

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    It might be time to release on the releasing "work". In a sense the bored, is indicating something you're unaware of that might need releasing. I suggest doing some release work from a different angle. If I had this goal, what would it cost me? The fact that you'd still like to have the goal means you you're still wanting on one level. When you've released you get a sense of ease, that it doesn't matter if the goal manifest or not. Bored suggest that there is an aspect of the goal you might be resisting.



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      Hi RAR!

      First check and see if you are wanting to figure something out about what boredom means or what to do about boredom. If yes, could you welcome that? And then check, could you let that go?

      If boredom appears could you allow yourself to welcome it? Could you allow yourself to notice the experience you are calling boredom? Could you open to it as fully as possible?

      You can ask yourself about any wants that are getting stirred up and release on those.

      You can also check to see if you are wanting to change or get rid of the boredom? If yes, weclome that as best you can. And then ask could you let that go?

      If you look at the book you will see that boredom is under apathy in the list of emotions. Perhaps looking at that list will give you another way to release on what you are calling boredom.