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Letting go of wanting to figure out goals

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  • Letting go of wanting to figure out goals


    I am having difficulty working on goals. I feel as though I have released from every angle on the topic, from audio recordings, 5th way method, wants, trying to figure it out, etc. Then I get to the point of what feels like letting go, hootlessness, but even though I am not thinking about it and could go either way on the matter, it seems more like apathy-- like I've given up-- which I also release on. I have even let go of trying to figure out how to let go of trying to figure out hootlessness (wrap your brain around that!). I feel great from my releasing, but no closer to achieving my goal. I keep thinking that different releases will end up being some sort of breakthrough to no avail. I am also wondering what hootlessness feels like. I am doing my best to let go of wanting to figure it out, but I think it would help to hear about other's experiences and ideas. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

    Erin :-)

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    How about letting go of the judgment of - closer to achieving my goal.

    Do you have action steps for your goals, like what you need to do next? Release on wanting S/A/C on those steps and when you do release you'll do them based on whether now is the right time to do them.



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      I'm curious what the steps are to conceptualizing that achieving goals is about releasing.


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        Phil, it's taught in quite a bit of detail in the course and manual of the super course and Effortless Creation.

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