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two questions on crying and recurring issues...

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  • two questions on crying and recurring issues...

    Hi all, I have a couple of questions:

    I have just recently started getting into my life long (54yrs) want for love and approval. As I welcome in these feelings and explore them, I often cry. A lot. I am a "man's man" so there is a lot of shame around crying, which I also release. Which makes me cry more. Is crying OK? Even if it is at every release. It feels OK to me...

    My other question: I have read that once a feeling is released it is gone forever. Not for me. I have the same stuff over and over again. Wanting a treat (AKA love/approval) like food, beer or shopping, is common. I will have this dozens of times a day. I release on it and things calm down for a bit, then it comes back.

    I do not mind releasing again and again on these same things, as long as will ultimately lead to freedom. If it takes months or years - I am fine with that, as long as it is common. I am just confused that I have read that once a feeling is released then it is gone forever.

    FWIW - I am releasing on these two questions as well

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    I have heard hale say that we might seem to keep releasing on the same thing over and over, and also to be open to the possibility that the release we have just done may also be the last time we ever have to release on that issue


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      Is it okay to cry? Yes. Even if it happens at every release. Feelings aren't gone, they can change the way they look and sometimes they stay the same because they help you release something you aren't seeing or feeling.

      Could I let go of wanting this to be the last time I release on this issue?



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        Hi DukOnFire!

        It's actually a good thing that tears are coming up. You probably have been suppressing these feelings and tears for decades and now you are opening and allowing them to come up so that you can release them. Eventually they will subside. Be kind and patient with yourself and your process. BTW, real men cry!

        Yes, you might have release on all of the wanting approval go for a while so that you can experience the approval and love that is right here right now. See if you can give acknowledge that this brings up feelings and tears but you're processing it anyway.

        Delilah Praete