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  • emergency help needed

    I loved the Sedona Method and it helped
    me greatly. when a friend of mine came
    to me with some emotional problems regarding her ex bf, I introduced her to the sedona method

    however, instead of things getting better, they are getting worse
    instead of releasing, the emotion becomes more intense, she told me today that she's in a downward spin since she started to work on this, stuff with her dad came up.

    she also feels she's not doing it right, it's not working, tbat she's got all these problems now that she didn't have before. She wants an instant fix now, and her idea is medicine, so she can get rid of all these feelings
    I want to help her, not something I seem to be able to let go off haha.

    I feel responsible as the one who introduced her to this.

    can anyone help me, and her?

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    The Sedona Method does not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure medical or psychiatric challenges. Since your friend feels she may need medication, you can encourage her to visit the appropriate health professional about that. Then, it's up to her and her health professional whether she will continue to use the Sedona Method at this time. If appropriate and desired, The Sedona Method can be a wonderful help even while taking medication. (Caveat: I would not suggest use of the 5th Way until it is clear she is ready and able.)

    Your feelings and thoughts about this situation are oh so normal! Can you welcome them best you can? And notice the sensations, sounds, or pictures that arise? Along with any wanting approval, control, security, separation, or oneness? And, without forcing yourself, can you welcome any sense that any of it is personal about you? And can you let it unravel, just for now, best you can?

    It's good to hear the Sedona Method helped you greatly. Keep up the good releasing.


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      Hi rudflani!

      Sometimes we feel worse when we release because we are opening and allowing feelings to come up instead of suppressing them. It takes time to release on things we have been suppressing for years.

      Releasing does not make outward things worse. It is an internal process and is for the purpose of feeling better inside. When we feel better inside we become more receptive to good things happening on the outside.

      As laughter mentioned, it's best for your friend to discuss medicine with a doctor. Here at TSM we encourage people to seek the help of a doctor if needed.

      Check and see if you are wanting to control your friend's experience? IOW, are you wanting to make things better for her? Welcome your answer and then see if you could let go of wanting to control her experience. Also, check and see if you are wanting to be controlled by her experience? IOW, if she feels better you'll feel better? Welcome your answer and then see if you could let go of wanting to be controlled by her experience?

      Please let us know how things unfold,