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Can't seem to let go of my main insecurity

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  • Can't seem to let go of my main insecurity

    Hello everyone. I found the Sedona method around a month ago and has been great in my life so far. I already have come so far in a short time just by releasing my emotions. However there is one thing I seem to be stuck on, which is one of my main insecurities. I have this insecurity about my forehead. My forehead is big, but in my mind I can make it seem so terrible, while in reality it's not that bad. Either way, feelings will creep up on me which I can't seem to release. I tried the diving in method and I found that it stems from me believing that I cannot be accepted for it. Despite this I don't feel a release and still have the negative emotions associated with my insecurity. I feel like if I could release this once and for all I will be able to have massive benefits in my life. So my question is, does anyone have a practical way to release these feelings? The conventional "welcoming, could I let go, would I let go, when" does not seem to work.

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    What if your insecurities are just a thought? Could you welcome that? Could you let go of wanting to change that? Just yes or no, no further thinking is required. And could you let go of wanting to figure it out?

    I also recommend the releases from Your Favorite Body Problem



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      Hi Polarbear!

      Yes! Check out the recorded material in Your Favorite Body Problem.

      Everyone has something about their body that they don't like or would like to change.

      When we are hyper focused on a thing about the body I find one place to release is to release on the advs/disadvs of having this issue.
      Ex: Advs: It keeps me from reaching out to people
      Disadvs: It keeps me from reaching out to people

      Advs: It allows me to hide
      Disadvs: I use it to hide

      In the examples above I showed how often advs and disadvs can often be the same but sometimes they are not.

      Please come back and post on ow things unfold for you,


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        Thank you both for replying. I tried the releases and they are helpful but they don't seem to get me to the core of my issue. I find I'm still stuck in the same old negative though patterns which drain my confidence and energy . I tried the advantage and disadvantage thing as well but it doesn't seem to be doing much effect on me. Are there other methods? This insecurity is deeply rooted in my mind, its difficult to release on.


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          I recommend doing releases on wanting control, wanting security and wanting approval along. I found if you just keep releasing one day you notice that things have shifted. Also let go of wanting this issue solved once and for all.



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            Hi Polarbear!

            I am glad to read that you explored the ways suggested to you.

            If the adv/disadv process didn't work for you at that time don't write it off. Just put it aside and explore it another time.

            I suggest that you write down every single "negative though patterns which drain my confidence and energy" one by one and release on each one using the wants.

            I also suggest that you explore this:

            You wrote: This insecurity is deeply rooted in my mind.

            Q: Where is your mind? Point to where you think or feel the insecurity is located.

            Then imagine that there are two of you. The normal size you and a teeny tiny itty bitty version of yourself. And allow that itty bitty teeny tiny version of yourself to dive into the place where you think or feel in located. Take your time with this. Allow that very tiny version of yourself to dive deep into the center of the place where "This insecurity is deeply rooted in my mind" . Keep going until you are certain that you are in the very center of this place and have a look around. What do you see, feel, think? Make note of what you see, feel think. Notice it and take a little bit of time to really take in what you see, feel think. And then once you feel you will be able to remember what you see keep swimming past the center of "your mind" until you come out the other side.

            When you've completed all of the above write down everything you saw, felt, thought and experienced and...then release on that. Release on each aspect of your experience using the wants.

            Please let us know how this process and what Alex very astutely recommended unfold for you,


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              So today I did the releases in the "Your favourite body problem". I felt great immediately after, better than I felt in days. But someone posted a group picture with me and instantly all the negative feelings came back when I looked at myself in the picture. This surprised as well as dissapointed me. After I did the body problem release I felt so confident and thought I destroyed this insecurity, but in an instant all feelings came rushing back. Also, I tried the diving in thing on my insecurity.I feel like I can't get to the core of it no matter how long I sit and meditate on the feeling. I maybe need to be feeling a more intense feeling in the moment, I'm not sure.

              to Delilah, what do you mean by releasing using the wants. As in like a step-by-step thing. The only methods I can comfortably use in daily life without having to go back and research how to do are the welcome, could I, would I, when method, and diving in method occasionally.



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                Hi Polarbear!

                You can read and learn all about the wants in TSM Book or learn about them in the Supercourse.