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Question about Deepest Desire Release from Effortless Creation

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  • Question about Deepest Desire Release from Effortless Creation

    I have a question about a question that comes up in the deepest desire release as well as in other parts of the Effortless Creation course.

    I know I'm over analyzing, but I keep feeling stuck on the question, ​​​​​

    Could you welcome any sense that it's personal, about you or who you are?

    This question is being asked in regards to a deepest desire or in regards to a need or desire, but I just don't understand it.

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    I recommend letting go of trying to figure it out. Is it personal? Yes or no, just welcome it. Is it about you, yes or no? It's probably one or both anyway. Could you just welcome it.

    One thing I found when I first came across releasing, just answer the question yes or no. And when you do it often enough it clicks with an ah-ha. The I get it, now I understand it and you've welcomed it anyway. The just answering, yes or no... creates an understanding, when you just do it often enough, without trying to figure it out.

    The question is like washing the window, the point of the exercise you don't see until you've gone through the motion.



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      Hi Marylinth!

      That question relates to all the ways you think and feel about yourself in relation to whatever you are releasing on. We have all sorts of stories, beliefs, ideas about who and what we are as well as who and what others are, and why we can or can't, should or shouldn't be able to have, do, or be anything. Often all of that "stuff" is a feeling we have, a sensation in the body, that can be released without necessarily having a clear idea of what all of that "stuff" is. So another way to ask that question would be, "Could you welcome any feeling that it's personal, about you or who you are?" and then release on that feeling. Remember feelings are sensations in the body. That's why we call them feelings. So see if you can find the feeling of "I, me, my, mine" in the body and release on that until it dissolves.