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    In the "Deepest Desire" release, how am I supposed to handle the following statements:

    Could you allow yourself to rest as that which needs no goal to be? Or check to see if you can find the one who believe they have a goal in this moment?

    Please let me know how I'm supposed to visualize or imagine the above.


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    If the first statement doesn't make sense or connect with you. Check in to see if you can find who is the one who has to have a goal. If you can't visualise it, you're doing fine. The challenge is for you to see if you can find that person.



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      Hi sedonista!

      The best way to use questions and processes like these is to let go of wanting them to make sense and let go of wanting to know how to do them or what do about them or with them. Just let the words wash over you and notice what appears in the mind or the body and allow that to be your response. If you do this you will start to notice that you will probably still get a yes or no answer that comes from somewhere other than the logical mind. You don't have to know why your answer is yes or no. But if you keep playing around with these questions even without completely understanding them something opens up and you will find that you are releasing more fully and deeply. Remember that at the very beginning of any intro we get to TSM we are told that it doesn't matter what the answer is. We are told that we can have fabulous releases even if we get a "no" for an answer. This too doesn't make sense to the logical mind and yet it is utterly and absolutely true. So just answer the questions (all of the questions) honestly, not how you want to answer them or how you think you should answer them and amazing things will happen. Questions and processes like the ones you describe are for the purpose of going beyond the bodymind and open to what is here right now and all the time but we hardly every pay any attention to.

      PS If visualizations or imaginings come up, they are really just coming up to be released too. So could you let go of wanting to do something, see something, feel or think something when you are releasing? Could you let go of wanting to release correctly or perfectly? Welcome your answer.



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        Thanks for your post.

        If I try to follow your instructions the best I can, I tend to come up with answers that are concrete-ish.

        I mean, in answering "Could you allow yourself to rest as that which needs no goal to be?", I come up with a concept of a vast "isness" which includes me and the entire universe. It's kind of like saying that at the metaphysical level, I am the universe and the universe is me. So in answering the question, I tend to imagine that I am that "isness", or that I am "everything", an everything that encompasses all things. Of course something like this isn't easy to perceive mentally in a concrete way, so I tend to generate some imaginary feeling that I am that "everything". That's the best I can come up with, trying to abide by and answer the question.

        In answering "Or check to see if you can find the one who believe they have a goal in this moment?", I simply come up with a mental image of me.

        That's what I come up with, and how I've been doing it before I posted my question on this forum, actually.


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          Thanks for your post.

          The way I understand what you've said, there is no right or wrong way to answer these questions, but to just answer as honestly as I can and just let whatever answers come up be the answer to the question. And whatever my answers are, that's the release for that question.

          It doesn't matter if my answers are correct or incorrect, right or wrong, good or bad, what matters is that I did answer and that I did release.

          This is what I understand that you told me.

          Do I understand you correctly?


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            Yes sedonista! If you answer honestly you will have a better release, even if the answer is no. The honest answer is the correct answer. There is no bad or wrong answer. The best answer is the honest answer.